Create Great Compositions

Just as important as coming up with good content is composing it in a way that makes sense. Utilizing video editing software to simply piece together clips is not all there is to it. Have a strategy in place for how you want to impact your viewers. This will help you when working with a videographer and editing team to reach your video goals. High resolution videos and quality editing go a long way in maintaining the viewer’s attention, and most importantly, getting your point across.

Watching is Easier Than Reading

Have you taken notice of your own internet use habits? Would you rather read large paragraphs if a video is also available that explains the same thing? It’s not meant as an insult, but people online are somewhat lazy when it comes to getting information. It’s not a bad thing, humans are wired to try to use the least amount of effort required to get something done. So, communicating through video is effective when your audience has a short attention span.